Why do dogs smell bad? Mainly for these reasons

The poop that the dog pulls is too stinky, and when he walks the dog to pick up the poop, he can't help but cover his nose. Some people will say that poop will definitely smell bad, but it is not poop if it doesn't smell. But in fact, if the dog digests well and the food is fully absorbed, the poop will not have a big smell. Smelly stools are closely related to gastrointestinal health.

1. There are parasites in the dog's body

The pet owner who usually pays attention to the diet, the dog will be soft, and it is necessary to consider whether the dog has bugs. Observe whether the dog's poop is bloodshot, the poop that is usually pulled out contains white unknown objects, is the dog's appearance thin, what is the appetite, and so on. If you are not sure, take your dog to the pet hospital for a stool check. After confirming that there are bugs, give your dog a deworming medicine.

Usually, the puppies should be dewormed regularly. Puppies usually start deworming their bodies for the first time in the eighth week. Puppies less than six months old are dewormed once a month. Puppies and adult dogs over six months old should be dewormed once every three months.

2. Constipation

When poop accumulates in the intestines for too long, it is easy to produce nitrogen and ammonia, and the odor comes from nitrogen and ammonia. Older dogs are particularly prone to constipation. The owner can take more exercises with the dog, eat more fruits and vegetables, add more water to the dog, add some coarse grains to the dog food, or occasionally supplement probiotics to promote digestion. Recommend "Non-Greasy Pet Probiotics", which can enhance the dog's intestinal immunity, improve intestinal health, and reduce constipation.

3. Bacterial virus infection