When you "touch a dog's head", in its eyes, there are several meanings!

Usually when you are with a dog, many pet owners will touch the dog’s head. Although it is a very common behavior, do you know what it thinks when you touch the dog’s head? In fact, in its eyes, there are several meanings.

1. Show it well

Everyone knows that the dog’s head is a very important part. If you are not close to the dog, it will think that you want to provoke it, so it is also a part that cannot be touched casually, but if the owner usually touches its head , It will feel that you are showing good to it and want to be intimate with it.

2. Mark it and become your person

A dog’s territorial consciousness is very strong. The things that belong to it will be marked, and it does not have many ideas like humans, so it will simply use its own ideas to understand, so it thinks its owner touches Its head, just like it, mark it with a number, and let it be your person.

3. I feel bored

For an independent dog, it will feel that you feel bored by touching its head and want to get rid of boredom. Therefore, it will continue to fiddle with its own things unresponsively. If you go home and go out, you will touch the dog. Head, then it just feels that th