When the dog is too arrogant, you should try these methods!

Netizen asks: Hello, my dog ​​is four years old, a male, a skewer of a native dog and Pomeranian. It not only protects the food, but also yells at the owner when he unties the leash recently, and turns his head to bite. Is this how else ah. We really like it and want to find a solution, please help, thank you!


I have written two articles before to explain the formation of this behavior of dogs-too high status. Precautions for daily dealings with dogs-eating, walking, and resting. Today I will talk about the practical ways to correct dogs yelling and biting at their owners.

Here, I still want to emphasize again, the method is only to treat the symptoms, not the root cause, at most it can help you temporarily alleviate this behavioral problem of the dog. If you really want to make the dog behave and understand the rules, you should read the first two more articles. The content, that is the essence.

Entering the topic, I have two solutions to the problem of dogs yelling at the owner, barking teeth, and biting the owner. One is the hard uniform method and the other is the soft uniform method. Both methods hav