What will happen when a dog trusts its owner?

Netizen asks: Hello teacher, I adopted a stray dog ​​in a group of dog friends some time ago. It is a stray dog. I named Duo Duo and I should be one or two years old. The eldest sister who rescued him told me that the dog might have been beaten before, so she was a little timid and didn't trust people.

I paid special attention to this in the past month or so. I also read the article you wrote about how the dog is afraid of the owner’s correction, so I often play with it, take it out for a walk, and give it back Bought a lot of small snacks. I can feel that Duo Duo is different from when I first came, but I'm still not sure, I don't know if it already regards me as its owner now? Have you begun to trust me? Can it be seen from some of its behavior? Solve, thank you!

When I saw this question, I could feel that you are really a very careful and gentle person. In fact, you don't have to worry too much. Dogs have a very strong ability to perceive human emotions and emotions. When you treat them with love and affection, you can easily feel them. As for the judgment method, it is also very simple. Let's analyze the dog's attitude towards you first. If you observe carefully, if the dog has the following behavior towards you, it means that it already trusts you.

1. Will actively expose the belly.