These bad problems of dogs are all because of social training not done well

Netizen asks: Teacher, I read your previous articles often mentioned that dogs are not socialized enough and socialization training should be strengthened. What exactly is socialization? How to do social training? Can you explain it more concretely?

Ok, this is my fault. We did not systematically discuss the issue of socialization before. Today we will talk about it in detail.

Let me talk about the most likely symptoms of poorly socialized dogs: such as fear of contact with strangers, barking at strangers for no reason, not getting along with other dogs correctly, or being timid and afraid to approach, or barking in protest Fight as soon as you touch. Not only that, but there are many other behaviors like dogs trembling in crowded places with lots of cars, restless after changing the walking route, barking and chasing when they see vehicles or running children, and barking and barking when they are at home. Insufficient socialization is the main reason for these behaviors.