The dog sleeps "whooping and twitching", like having a nightmare! How to do?

In the process of raising a dog, I believe that many pet owners will have seen a dog whine and twitch when it is asleep, and want to have a nightmare reaction! What to do in this situation?

Can dogs dream?

Through some scientific experiments, experts have found that dogs dream when they sleep, and people who raise dogs will also observe that dogs sleep for a long time each day. During a normal sleep cycle, there will be deep sleep and light sleep. Sleeping alternately, but dogs entering deep sleep will have more intense dreams.

What to do if the dog whine and twitch?

If this happens to your dog, the owner's best not to disturb the dog or wake him up, because at this moment the dog has entered a deep sleep state. If he wakes up suddenly, his emotions are still not there. If you stabilize, you may be frightened, or even bite.

Why do you whine and twitch?

1. Dreaming