The bitch sent the cub to the owner, hiding these things behind his back!

I don’t know if the pet owner has discovered that the bitch will "dick" her cubs in front of the owner. Logically speaking, shouldn’t they all protect the cubs? Why do you "snap" the cub in front of the owner? These things are hidden behind the scenes.

1. Share the joy with the owner

For a bitch, it is a very happy thing to have a cub. As the owner has lived with the bitch for so long, the natural relationship has been very deep, and the bitch also trusts you very much. In her eyes, you are the most important People who want to share their joy must be you first, so they will hold the cub in front of you.

2. Think it is your child

After the bitch has given birth to the cub, the owner will inevitably help. After the owner touches the cub, it will have your scent on it, because the bitch is more sensitive to the scent, so if you smell the cub on the body, it will smell of you. It will think that it was not born, so it will take the cub in front of you and return it to you.

3. The cub is too naughty

When the cubs grow to a certain level, they will show their "demon" side. The bitch thinks that they are too naughty and can't tune them by themselves, so they think that their master had taught them when they were young. Therefore, they think that the master can help her tune them. Take your cub to the owner to educate you