Is the golden retriever shed too much? Teach you to prescribe the right medicine to solve the proble

The golden hair is gentle and warm, and his beautiful hair is deeply loved by people. But after many people raise golden retrievers, they find that the child is too shed! People can’t help exclaiming: “It’s said that it is a period of hair loss twice a year, but the original one lasted for half a year!” In fact, there are different reasons for the serious golden hair shed, and the right medicine can be prescribed according to different reasons:

Reason 1: Seasonal hair loss

In the spring and autumn, this is known as seasonal hair loss, which is a normal phenomenon. Golden Retriever will take off the old hair before the summer and it will not be too hot; in the fall, the old hair will be taken off and replaced with thicker hair in order to keep warm in winter.

Solution: The owner combs the golden hair every day. Combing out the hair that has fallen off prevents the golden hair from shed too much, and can also make its blood circulation and promote the growth of new hair.

Reason 2: Use human bath liquid to take a bath

The acidity and alkalinity of golden hair skin is different from that of human skin. If you use human bath liquid for a long time, it will irritate its skin, which will easily cause dry and itchy dog ​​skin, allowing mites, bacteria, etc. to take advantage of it, and eventually form skin. Disease, leading to hair loss.