Is a puppy bullied by a big dog?

Is a puppy bullied by a big dog? I believe many people will have this illusion. Big dogs are big, big dogs meet puppies, in fact, many times big dogs may just want to play with puppies. Big dogs will open their mouths when playing, but people seem to be like big dogs who want to open their mouths to bite the puppies and think that the big dogs are going to bully. The puppy is out.

It's not just people who are scared. In fact, dogs are also terribly scared. They will inevitably be sensitive and frightened when they face their kind that is many times their size and open their mouths to themselves. The puppy will bark and attack the big dog loudly, or directly attack.

Therefore, when walking the dog, you will occasionally encounter a puppy and a big dog. The puppy will "curse the street" crazy, but the big dog will be silent, and even encounter the situation of a puppy biting a big dog.

Why do small dogs bark fiercely when they meet big dogs?

1. Because the puppy is timid.