Dogs protect food and bite people, it must be because these are not done well

Netizen asks: Hello, my dog ​​is four years old, male. He is a hybrid of a native dog and Pomeranian. It not only protects the food, but also yells at the owner when he unties the leash recently, and turns his head to bite. May I ask what happened. We really like it and want to find a solution, please help, thank you!

Last time we said that the main reason for dogs yelling at their owners and demonstrating is that their status is too high, so today we will talk about some precautions in our daily dealings with dogs. Don't worry, it's not as strict as you think. It's okay to hug and hug you. Just remember the three important points, as long as everyone can learn these three points and figure it out. Even if the dog has some other minor problems, it must not be able to turn the sky over.

What are the three most important points? They are eating, walking, and resting.