Does the dog start barking and barking at the owner? Where is the problem?

Netizen asks: Hello, my dog ​​is four years old. He not only protects food, but also yells at his owner when he unties the leash recently, and turns his head to bite. What is going on? We really like it and want to find a solution, please help, thank you!

The dog's behavior of warning and demonstrating to the owner is considered to be more questions I have received. This problem is indeed quite complicated, because freezing three feet is not a day's cold! So I really can't finish the first issue, I'll forget it, it will take at least three issues. These are the reasons for this behavior, the points of attention in daily dealings, and the corrective methods.

note! The real point is today, don’t see it, and just wait for the last chapter. We must know that the reason for the formation of this behavior of the dog is the key point. Only by understanding the reason can we solve this problem fundamentally.